Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ok so my telephoto lens arrived. I wasn't impressed with it being left at the front door until i picarrived home from work at about midnight. No matter, it seemed to be fine except that it was very cold and a lens really shouldnt be moved from a cold to a warm enviroment suddenly. Condensation can form on the glass and thats not good.

It works fine, the image stabilization is great however i realised that it is an EF-s lens not an EF meaning it is designed for my cameras sensor and not a 35mm sensor. Well thats good, surely? Yes and no, the magnification isnt as much as i was hoping but it does mean it picks up where my kit lens leaves off(55mm) Anyway i took a few shots but i will definately put it to work this weekend. Hopefully the lens hood would have arrived by then as well.

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