Sunday, 18 July 2010

Introducing the Roadtrippers..

Okay this is just to keep the blog alive as i work on the 20 plus gigs worth of pics and try to get them into some chronological order and other editing decisions.
Like i said we had an amazing time but I learned it is impossible to take the photography as seriously as I'd like while trying to enjoy the trip as well.
So the pictures aren't as good as they could have been but that would have meant enjoying the trip less so it was an easy choice.

I'd like to thank Tom for being a top companion (and picking some fantastic songs for the road!). We packed a lot in the two weeks, visited a lot of places, met a lot people, and drove on some of the most stunning roads we've ever seen. We had a real adventure and have some great stories to tell well as some we promised not to tell!

Here's us on our way to Lake Tahoe, stopping off to enjoy the view.

..and here's a tune we became very familiar with while driving across california(wink!):

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